Evocative communication strategies, videos and broadcasts on Africa that reflect the growth, dynamism and opportunity on the continent today.

AM ProduKtions and DAM Creative are media agencies that produce documentary films, informative and creative programs and also provides photo and stock footage on Africa and across the developing world. The mandate of A.M Produktions and DAM Creative is to focus on the reality of Africa today, primarily looking at the developmental aspect of the continent through institutions, such as governments, international organizations, private sector and civil society.

Portfolio Videos

Animation on Maputo Protocol

Hidden Anxieties

Animation on The African Youth Charter

Animation on the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights

Animation on the use of The Bio – Gas digester for the United Nations South African Region

Animation on The African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the child

Animation on the African Charter on Democracy Elections and Governance

Animation on African Union Charter on Preventing and Combatting Corruption

AUC Single African Air Transportation Market

Establishment of the AfCTA

IPRT Integrated software initiative

Health Care Workers Promo

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