Our goal is to be the most innovative agency in producing films, documentaries, and stimulating media on issues affecting the rise of Africa today.


As the advent of social and digital media is constantly reshaping our everyday working lives, it becomes increasingly important for institutions, companies, and governments to create a platform of visibility on their mandate, services and even end goals.Critically important in this is framing issues and allowing audiences the opportunities to be engaged on specific themes, and projects where they can play a wider role and have impact.

AM ProduKtions understands the challenges and needs of your visual content, and is able to narrate, produce and offer concise film production and videography, on some of the most pressing issues facing the continent today. We will disseminate content that is stimulating and edutaining (through the use of infographics) and offers the best opportunity of reaching your targeted audience, clientele, or employees.

AM ProduKtions is able to offer a bespoke documentary production service on a range of  developmental theme based issues, and offers a full service inclusive of scripting, filming, interviews; narration, editing, subtitling and studio production.

AM ProduKtions has a long working  partnership in conjunction with Pamplemoos agency   

Event Moderation

Successful Event Moderation is a key attribute to any event,the combination of riveting discussion, panel debates, a tempered and knowledgeable overview, and active participation of all parties are key ingredients to a well coordinated and moderated event.
AM Produktions can provide staff for Event Moderation for all types of events, and has experience based upon previous conferences and seminars in the areas of finance and developmental issues.


AM ProduKtions is able to offer a comprehensive consultancy on communication strategies for organisations, and companies in the developmental field ,with a specific focus on the NGO  and Governmental sectors. We are able to offer experience in design and implementation of major information campaigns, coupled with analysis and integration of diverse information sources to improve communicative effectiveness, and impact.

Broadcasting and Distribution

After production of your film, documentary or Video short- broadcast distribution is the single most important factor in determining the end service extends to  the widest and most effective audience.

A.M ProduKtions have service agreements with some of the largest penetrable Television  networks across the European, and African continents, ensuring that your production ,( live or recorded crossing broadcast), reaches the target market, and attains the visibility needed to deliver, stimulate, and impact your needs. This will be tailored bespoke to your own communication strategy and desired regional or global audience.


Imagery for your campaign or project has the ability to convey the premise and point of your objectives, more succinctly than any amount of words ever could.

Understanding that the ‘selective imagery’ factor that has for decades been persistent with Africa is now redundant, gives an opportunity for your Institution or organisation to now re-shape the mould on your own projects. AM Produktions will ensure that your communication strategy adopts the most appropriate imagery for your information campaigns, film, or web based projects.

Am ProduKtions is able to provide iconic imagery, through thousands of images in our archived library, to support campaigns and theme based websites on developmental and growth issues, bespoke to major projects.